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Vinyl. Audio. Lifestyle.

Spinster Records is a vinyl record and music lifestyle store located in the North Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Drop by our space–we live for helping people build music collections. 

Here you can find new and vintage vinyl records, turntables and other hi-fi audio hardware, along with apparel, books, jewelry and other one-of-a-kind items selected by our staff. We host in-store performances, book signings, and music industry panels every week. This is a place where creativity still drives the music.

We get out, too! Get in touch with us about pop-ups, all-vinyl DJ sets, event bookings and music programming.
David Grover
What kind of crazy man opens a vinyl record store in 2015?  Someone who has been watching music and retail industries evolve for the last 30 years.
Born in Los Angeles and raised in Honolulu, David Grover fronted the 90's Paisley Underground/Power Pop band, Loud Sugar. He also ran the Indie label Angel Dust Records, DJ'd and hosted “Twister”, a seminal dance music night in L.A, and was the lead singer/songwriter for LA Indie bands Drop and The Fizzies.
Starting in the late 90s, Grover took his industry knowledge to big box retailers like Circuit City and Best Buy to infuse his perspective and management skills into their organizations. This odd juxtaposition of skills and experiences brought about the Spinster Records concept: create a unique space for live music and vinyl record culture in a place where people can exchange ideas and the love and passion of music.

Name: Kate Siamro 

Your roots: Toronto, Canada. However I went to over 11 schools growing up and moved all over. My dad’s Ukrainian and my mom's an experience. 

Horoscope Sign: Aries, and it shows. Fire sign through and through baby!

Music genre you know the most about: Soul Funk, New wave & indie rock might be my strongest, but I like learning about all genres, and I’m a music history nut. I watch a lot of music documentaries at home… I love reading the inside of records (That’s why I take the longest at the shop to price vintage). 

Current music rabbit hole you’ve gone down: Recently into the history of record labels, and learning about the business portion of music catalogs. The production. Also listening to playlists on Spotify curated by record labels. Numero Group has some of my favorites to find deeper cuts. Also watching the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony if I need a good cry.  

Favorite audio system in the store: Music Hall 1.5! Anything with real wood makes me weak at the knees. Plus the price of $450 for the quality & pre-amp built inside it is a super deal. 

Favorite thing about working at Spinster: The community of Oak Cliff… and being here so long I’ve seen kids go from middle school, to high school, to college. It’s been 8 years, and I never get sick of it. I have regulars that make my day. It’s another home to me. I jokingly call it my other living room. It's a magical place. 

Favorite music to DJ: Soul, Funk, and Disco are the easiest to spin… Italo Disco is what i’m currently collecting… and anything 80s if it be the pop hits, New Wave, or Post Punk is fun if the crowd is right. I love Peter Green and Lee Hazlewood… so I wish there was more chill events to jam those at.

Motto you live by: Take the weakest thing inside you & then beat the bastards with it.

Favorite drink: The one with liquor in it.

What are your hobbies outside the shop: I’m hyper social, so I am always on the go somewhere. I love bar trivia, playing pool, hosting themed parties at my house, living a double life in Highland Park , and trying anything once. I also love playing video games if I’m trying to detox and relax…. Love anything Bethesda puts out, Elden Ring, COD, Stardew Valley… it ranges.


Name: Miranda Evans

Your roots: I grew up in Rockwall but have lived in East Dallas for the past five years.

Horoscope Sign: Taurus 

Music genre you know the most about: Indie and anything Midwest Emo/Screamo or Post Punk

Current music rabbit hole you’ve gone down: 

Favorite audio system in the store: Rega P2

Favorite thing about working at Spinster: I tend to be more introverted and working in the shop has always helped me be more social and what better than to talk about music with customers all day and possibly learn something new or be able to share things with people as well. Plus that discount ammirite 

Favorite music to DJ: I really like djing with post punk but nothing beats getting a whole room to dance to some funk or soul.

Motto you live by: i dont like shit i dont go outside (iykyk)

Favorite drink: White wine

What are your hobbies outside the shop: Video games and reading


Name: Priscilla

Your roots: Oak Cliff through & through

Horoscope Sign: Sagittarius

Music genre you know the most about: If Glenn Danzig is a music genre, I know a lot of that. I don’t feel like I know the most about any genre really, but I’d say I know a little bit about genres I lean towards listening to or enjoy DJing with. 

Current music rabbit hole you’ve gone down: Glenn Danzig: Misfits, Samhain, Danzig. Forever. We oddly have a lot in common and we’re both a little Diva-ey.

Favorite audio system in the store: The Rega P2 turntable is rad, but I also really love the look and quality of the Music Hall Classic. Aesthetically, they’re both pretty contemporary, but the Rega is much more clean and simple (functionally speaking). The Classic feels a lot more warm and has cool features that normally aren’t included in high-end turntables. As far as speakers, I really like Audioengine’s HD series…they make music pop and sound clean at the same time. I own the HD4s along with the S6 subwoofer and they get alot of use in my home. I feel like my turntable and speaker set up made my place feel more like home for me. 

Favorite thing about working at Spinster: Aside from the staff, working in music has always been a dream. I never thought I would end up here–evenmoreso, I never thought working in music would include becoming a vinyl dj. It really made me be observant of how much music means to people. Seeing music spark emotions and movement is really cool. That’s what we do this for.

Favorite music to DJ: 2000’s r&b/hip hop …which has become a lil expensive so here’s my CashApp: $KILLA

Motto you live by: Do what makes you happy & be a good person.

Favorite drink: a great Michelada will change my whole mood

What are your hobbies outside the shop: I’m a sleeper. I love sleeping. I hate the term “foodie,” but I be eating aka I like to try new places and cook dishes that take alot of effort. I’m also really into makeup and skincare. I consider putting makeup on my “me” time…it’s therapeutic. I like painting, drawing, and photography, too. I mostly keep listening to music outside of the shop while I’m doing all of the above. I also really like going on drives to visit shops outside of Dallas to find some cool vinyl to dj with or just soak in a different environment.


Name: Paula Lindsey

Your roots: I was born to a Texas cowgirl and a southern gentleman who both showed me rock n roll when I still was in diapers. So I knew very young that music was something I wanted to be involved in heavily. I got my first turntable in high school and shortly after purchased my very first record : Tattoo You by The Rolling Stones. I’ve been obsessed with vinyl ever since. 

Horoscope Sign: Cancer! I love being a cancer, I have so much love to give! But only if I trust you. Don’t get too close either. I’ve got claws. *snip*

Music genre you know the most about: Classic Rock. Put me up against your Dad game show style and I bet I can win. I’ll take Rare Early AC/DC facts for 2000 Trebeck! 

Current music rabbit hole you’ve gone down: African Garage Rock. If you haven’t heard of the Ngozi Family or Musi-O-Tunya you should. Zambia had a HUGE boom of garage rock in the 70’s and the result is pure gold! Stop reading right now and get into it. 

Favorite audio system in the store: I absolutely love the Rega PL1 plus in white! It looks so 1960’s mod and still modern too. I also have mad love for the Music Hall 1.5 because I absolutely love the cherry wood finish on the plinth! It’s so vintage looking. Plug either of those into some audioengine speakers and you’re gravy baby. 

Favorite thing about working at Spinster: Well, at the risk of sounding like a cheese ball, I love working with amazing people. We all have each other’s backs and we all motivate each other to be our best selves and I think that’s pretty neat. I also love working with majority women. Women who live and breathe music like I do. I feel like I belong. 

Favorite music to DJ: Boogie, Glam, Disco, Punk and Garage. I’ll always sneak in a little Bon Scott era AC/DC too. Just for fun and because I’m a *little* obsessed. It’s healthy though. 

Motto you live by: Basically the entire lyrics of Suzi Quatro’s “The Wild One”

Favorite drink: Dr Pepper. I drink so much that I think a good percentage of my BMI is just Dr Pepper.  I even have a bottle tattooed on me and still don’t have a sponsorship deal yet. Hit me up Dr Pepper. ;)

What are your hobbies outside the shop: When I’m not at the shop I’m most likely at one of my favorite local venues watching a show. 

I also love vintage fashion and putting outfits together. I’ll sit around, put on a record, and style; piecing things together. A good outfit can make my entire day. I also REALLY love a good nap. Napping is a hobby right?


Name: Meli.

Your roots: born and raised in oak cliff and in Durango, Mexico.

Horoscope Sign: Virgo 

Music genre you know the most about: Reggaeton, any sort of alternative and indie rock, I am so down to learn more about your music taste so please swing by :) 

Current music rabbit hole you’ve gone down: Nightcore, city pop for sure, reminds me of my old high school days.

Favorite audio system in the store: Audio-Technica LP120XUSB, we love a direct drive, it comes with a usb connection so you can record your own music software and it comes with their own cartridge. 

Favorite thing about working at Spinster: 

Favorite music to DJ: 

Motto you live by:

Favorite drink: 

What are your hobbies outside the shop: