Spin-Show: Chilldren of Indigo/ Acid Carousel/ The Nude Party

Kate Here! I'm trying out this "blog" thing for the Spinster website, and trying to mush as much of my voice into it as possible. The whole Spinster staff deals with my endless rants, so they threw me on a computer to get me out of their way, and do something productive with it. I won't sugarcoat, I save that for Facebook and Instagram.


Initially when I was planning the show this Saturday, March 11th, I only had Children of Indigo.... or now known as "Chilldren" of Indigo to help with google search... I guess it could be easily assumed that they are super "chill"? I really wish someone in their band was named "Dren". It's somewhat strange that we are now in a time period where the band name has to also be easily found through google. Before they changed that it must have been super awkward to look up. Check out my band... no we don't do drum circles... or possess supernatural powers... I'm not a rainbow baby. Regardless their music is very up-beat and has this hip hop meets alternative rock. I think it's always a talent if you can blend those genres and from what I heard online they did it.

Anyways, I was having trouble finding another few bands to pair them with, then comes along Gus Baldwin to the rescue with last moment Facebook messenger requests. Gus is in Acid Carousel, and like myself he was at Club Dada on Valentine's Day and surely took notice to the band The Nude Party before he drummed with Sealion after. The one funny thing I recall about The Nude Party is that they had a lot of members, and one specifically played bongo drums... they also have a song called "Water On Mars" which got stuck in my head, check it out on their Bandcamp. Point being, he wanted to plan a show here with the touring North Carolina band who doesn't actually play nude... I know... surprise. 


I'm excited about this show Saturday. Firstly I actually like all the bands music, assuming Chilldren of Indigo sound like their online stuff... it'll be cool to listen to their blend live. Acid Carousel just keeps getting better every time I see them live, and bigger; by bigger I mean more band members. Ariel Hartley from Pearl Earl is now in the band, who has a phenomenal voice. They also all dress the part of a psych band which I really appreciate... I sometimes think bands forget they are performing, and presentation goes into any performance if it be theater or concert. They truly look the part of what their music sounds like. All the music will be up beat. It'll be BYOB, all ages, and free... personally I want a donation jar for the touring band. Merch will be sold, so be cool and buy a shirt. I'm also stoked about this show because it's spring break for a lot of students, and I'm hoping a younger crowd comes out to see what's good in Dallas. This city has a lot of hidden musical gems. 

Well. That's my rant for today. Come out March 11th.