Spinster Records has a Youtube Channel!

Spinster Records has a Youtube Channel!

It Is here! Our first of many Spinster Episodes:

 Please subscribe to our Channel and keep up with our future videos. Expect to see more staff members, local musicians, more information about turntables, and lots of dancing. 

 It was 2 years in the making.... and here's how I, Kate Siamro, came about working at Spinster and getting comfortable with social media. Wanted to give a blog post on my personal perspective of this all. 

When I first met up with David to talk about working at Spinster it was at Davis St Espresso on our Typo Block. I just moved to Oak Cliff, was waiting tables and freelancing in film/writing. I dreamed about working at a record store since I watched High Fidelity. I wanted to be John Cusack with his lists of "Top 5's" and using music analogies to express my life experience. So whenever David reached out wanting me to work for him, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

It was the most casual job interview I ever had, but one question hit hard and truly paved the road of my job at Spinster. David asked me "What can you specifically do for Spinster, that most people cant?" 

Given my previous experience with film, interviewing, and photography it came out without thinking... "Social Media" 

At this time I couldn't decide if I liked Social Media or not. I hated the conceit and hype behind it all, my biggest fear was losing touch with what I feel and who I am. I hated people who would spend their entire lunches over a plate taking pictures of it, or people who spent money on buying followers... yes that exists. I was also in school when I started at Spinster, and was taking advertising/marketing courses. So I knew sex sells, people's attention spans are low, and there's an art behind marketing. If I was going to work on Spinster's social media I wanted it to consist of 3 things. First off, I wanted it to show off Dallas and what is local. Secondly, I wanted it to be sincere... I wouldn't try to sell anything I wouldn't buy myself, and thirdly I wanted it to never be scripted or overly produced. I wanted it to be raw.  

I remember when I did the first video for Spinster... I channeled my inner John Cusack and grabbed my top 3 albums in the store. I made sure no one else was in the store. I could only do this alone, with my phone faced at me on top of some boxes, in the area with the best lighting. I pretended the phone was my mom, weirdly... the thought helped me talk about what I love more easily. At that time, Instagram videos were under 10 seconds, so I had to talk super fast to get it all out. I shared it on Facebook, remembered the simple "Social Media Rules"... tag what's related, speak with conviction and articulate your words, make sure you give credit when it's due. I felt good about it. I started connecting with others online who share a similar love for records. I realized how international Instagram is, and I feel because I went into it with good intentions, only good has come from it. When I scroll back through our Instagram it becomes a family photo album of all that's happened here. You will see Nick explaining turntables, Aileen boosting about up coming events, and myself showcasing records I love. It's become a daily contribute we make as a staff.  

It was a no-brainer to get a Youtube Channel going. We were lucky enough to come across Josh Davis who is a jack of all trades. He did the background music, film, direction, producing, editing... he did it all. These up coming videos are just the staff, and Josh Davis. You can follow his work or hire him on Currentcoast.com 

We are very lucky to have a solid store like Spinster, and we are growing, but also keeping it local. So keep up with us, and get into the music culture of records. 

Subscribe to our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFf3a6y8Bk1hPHlmNDRwvqQ