Spinster's Guide To Buying A Turntable This Jolly Season

Spinster's Guide To Buying A Turntable This Jolly Season

We treat buying a turntable as if it's a car. The more you invest the better the quality and the longer it will last. In recent years we've only sold brand new turntables, and that's not to say that we don't enjoy vintage, but we love being able to give guarantee through the companies we buy from. This is a guide going from entry level to high quality to help you get the best deals for the best sound. It can be difficult picking the perfect turntable, so we usually like to start with two questions.... 

1. Do you have powered speakers already? A home system?

2. What's your spending range? 

Ok so lets go... 

1. Crosley - Voyager - $90-$120

Is it cheap? Yes. Does it look adorable? Yes. Does it sound like an AM radio? Yes. Perfect for Kids and Pre-teens? Totally. When buying this we like to remind people that the quality isn't exactly top notch, even the needle can be harsh on records.... but the cuteness and easy use makes it a high seller. Especially to folks who love the "Look". It has built in speakers & pre-amp so you literally need nothing else. Also it comes in tons of different colors and patterns. If you're not wanting to break the bank, but get your kids into vinyl this would be a solid choice under the tree. 

2. Crosley - Discovery - $80-$100 

This cutie is one of Crosley's most recent creations. In the likeness of the Voyager, this ones shape is more round and has the speaker on the back and side. You can attach separate speakers for better sound because like any product with speakers built inside it, it will sound like an AM radio. Like I put above it's ideal for kids and pre-teens... truly an intro into playing records.

3. Audio-Technica LP60  - $120 

This is one of our personal favorites to sell for Beginners. First off, It's only $120. Secondly it's Belt-Driven and fully automatic for the person who is person to touch the needle. It's light and easy to use. Built in Pre-Amp like most. However, you will need to buy speakers... which is the case for any quality record player, it won't have built in speakers. This is a simple sweet option for the beginner. 

Crosley T150 Turntable System - $200

This has been a new system we are trying out this holiday, and so far it's been awesome. Quality and a solid price, especially since it includes the speakers with it. What we like about this system is that it's sleek, simple, modern.... but only $200?!?! No wonder we've been sell through them fast. Even though all the photos of it have the speakers right next to it, you don't want to do that. Always make sure your speakers are a decent distance from the turntable so it doesn't pick up the vibrations. This is a great beginner system, and honestly the best looking system for the price. 

Crosley C200 - $270


For years we've been selling the Audio-Technica Lp120, however this year with the shortage and aiming to give high quality at a great price we found them gem of a turntable. It's a Crosley C200. Built in Pre-Amp, DJ Friendly, Sturdy. All for $270. There's no speakers that come with it, but it can attach to any powered speakers. Actually all turntables after this one won't include speakers and it's because they're higher end. Ability to scratch if you change it to the proper needle. It's versatile and looks like the classic Technics 1200 

Music Hall 1.5 - $400 

We jokingly call this the "Kate System" because it's the one I sell the most of. So this gorgeous turntable has a real cherry wood veneer. belt driven, built in pre-amp, and high end cartridge. For $400 you really do get quality and is a staple piece to a living room. I have a soft spot for wood, and think this ties the room together. 

Rega P1 (2021 Edition) - $525 

Rega doesn't make anything low quality, and all their inventory is hand made in England, and minimalistic in the best way. You physically move the belt over to change the speed. It's smooth, simplistic, and it's made for an audiophile... it's a serious turntable. They also have an optional one available that has a pre-amp built inside it. We always have pre-amps available for purchase at the store too!