Spinster's Move To Bishop Arts

It has definitely been a transition despite being less than a mile away, however we are beyond excited to be in Bishop Arts District. 

Our New Location is 408 N Bishop Ave #102, Dallas, TX 75208

The reason behind our move was the foot traffic of Bishop Arts, booking for events, and bringing music to this fast growing neighborhood. The move happened in early October, right before the holiday rush. It took a total of three weeks to move, paint, and conduct construction. The spot we are in is in the heart of Bishop Art, right across from Enos Pizza. We transitioned what was originally Ginger Fox's Art Gallery into a record shop. So we painted the back wall red, added a stage, drilled crates onto the walls. We kept are style because we love our minimalistic, yet warm appearance. We are still organized by last name because genres keep musicians boxed in. We also have special crates full of staff picks, new arrivals, and monthly themes. We still have our mystery bags as well. 

We still got our record wall

One of our favorite artistic additions to our space is our Big Red wall behind the stage, and our mural in the front designed by Hunter Moehring and Taylor Smith. It's an abstract groovy vision of the Dallas Skyline. We feel like it's a perfect wall to take pictures in front of. It brings life into the store. 

Designed by Hunter Moehring and Taylor Smith

Some new things in our shop is the pressing of Oak Cliff Apparel which are locally designed by Lewellyn's Print Shop. These are special because they made only in a certain amount. So grab it while we have it. We are changing out the designs after 3 pressings. We value people having a shirt that's not super common. Also there is a design for everyone. We also have so many pins and stickers for sale. From Lewellyn's and Daniel Driensky aka Explordinary. We try to keep things interesting and change our what we have in stock. 

Always changing designs

Even though our shop is small and curated, we are always buying records. new and vintage. So bring your albums by. We check for quality and demand. Of course, the better condition the better the price we will give. The best times to bring your records by are from Monday to Thursday. It's slow enough to find a good parking spot and get our full attention. You can bring an entire uhaul full and we will check it out. As you can see below...

so many records

Come see us! we are so excited to be a part of Bishop Arts! We are literally in the center and an area that is growing and lively. It's family friendly, but also has edge and progressive. Here's some more pictures of our new spot.