Daniel Markham - Disintegrator

Daniel Markham - Disintegrator

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Released 2016 

"...as a former Lubbockite, he falls in line with the likes of Terry Allen and The Flatlanders by following his own art instincts. With Disintegrator, Markham incorporates the strengths of past records (“Turning Blue”) while still exploring new ideas and territories (“Mosquitoes”.) Disintegrator takes Markham’s already unique perspective, songwriting, and voice, and magnifies it by 1000."

-The Big Takeover

"Looking to an earlier decade on his forthcoming third album, Markham revisits the dreamy discord of early 4AD acts on Disintegrator."


Whether it be Thrift Store Cowboys and Amanda Shires of the last decade, Terry Allen and The Flatlanders of the late ’70s, or Buddy Holly and Wink-native Roy Orbison of the late ’50s, they all the ability to capture the parting winds of the flatlands and the blistering sun of the West Texas deserts. It was engrained in their sound–becoming signature for each in their own shades.

The now Denton-based Markham, a decade in as a songwriter and musician, presents his third solo full-length album, Disintegrator. Third. In ways, that’s a misleading description. In reality, it marks his 12th release–following Waiting to Derail’s self-titled, One Wolf’s One Wolf I and One Wolf II: Secret of the Wolf, Larry Legion and Forest of Swords under the Larry Legion persona, solo works Demonstrations, Hexagons, Ruined My Life, Pretty Bitchin’, and the collaborative efforts of Smoke Paint with Tony Ferraro and Harmony in Hell with Claire Morales.


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