Cardas Clear USB Performance Digital Cable

Cardas Clear USB Performance Digital Cable

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Cardas Clear USB is a musically neutral cable and sounds the same at any usable length. Clear USB is optimized for constant transfer impedance rather than a full wave characteristic impedance.

Standard Terminations: USB A to B. Some custom terminations available. Hand terminated in Bandon, Oregon.


Conductors: Matched Propagation Kevlar core, ultra
fine Grade 1, 99.9999% pure oxygen free copper with SPN clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions. Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in ultra thin extruded PTFE jacket.

Geometry: Asymmetrical star-quad 4. Signal carrying conduc-
tors are a shielded twisted pair. Power and signal conductors are
bound with PFA tape. Final shield is aluminum/mylar, tin plated copper and magnet wire. Outer jacket is TPR.

Gauge: 2x25.5 AWG + 2x21.5 AWG Outside Diameter: 0.220”/5.58mm

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