Steve Wynn - Dekād--Rare & Unreleased Recordings 1995-2005 [RSDJUNE21]

Steve Wynn - Dekād--Rare & Unreleased Recordings 1995-2005 [RSDJUNE21]

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From the moment we announced Decade, our mammoth, eleven-CD box set of Dream Syndicate singer-songwriter Steve Wynn's solo recordings (featuring 57 unreleased tracks!), fans all over the world have come out of the woodwork asking for a vinyl release. And while eleven CDs might be a bit much to commit to wax, we've come up with the next-best thing: a double LP distillation of the best rare and unreleased tracks on the box set! Dek'd features two dozen tracks divided into four thematically-organized sides, including a side of unreleased uptempo band recordings, another side of collaborations with such folks as Chris Cacavas of Green on Red, Richard Lloyd of Television, Barbara Manning, Steve's wife Linda Pitmon, and the Fleshtones, another side of unreleased home demos, and a whole side of unreleased outtakes and demos from Wynn's classic My Midnight album. Linda Pitmon pens disarmingly personal notes inside a gorgeous gatefold package. Double LP clear pink vinyl pressing limited to 1600 copies worldwide!

1. Why 2. Make It Up to You 3. Still Messed Up 4. Riverside 5. Again 6. Bitch Pants

1. The Way I Feel Right Now (with Barbara Manning) 2. At the End of the Day (with Linda Pitmon) 3. Melinda (with Richard Lloyd) 4. Bring the Magic (with Chris Cacavas) 5. From a Better Place (with Eric Ambel) 6. Down at the Hi-De-Ho (with The Fleshtones)

1. Watch Your Step 2. Morningside Heights 3. The Angels 4. Smooth 5. Underneath the Underground 6. Lay of the Land

1. My Family 2. Invisible 3. Easy 4. Halfway to the Afterlife 5. The Impossible 6. Don't Be Afraid
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