The Prof.Fuzz 63 - Owls

The Prof.Fuzz 63 - Owls

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"Someone once said, “If Tom Waits started a surf rock band in the back of a Dallas, Texas pawn shop, it’d be The Prof.Fuzz 63.”

That might be the nicest thing anyone’s said about the weirdo lo-fi rock trio from the north Dallas suburbs, but it’s not wrong. Imagine Leonard Cohen fronting The Cramps, or Lou Reed joining forces with The Fall, and you get some sense of what The Prof.Fuzz 63 is all about. Fuzzed-out guitar. Grinding organ. Pounding drums. Oh yeah!

Established in 2014, The Prof.Fuzz 63 have played over 180 shows across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, as well as toured a broad stretch of middle America. Three full-length albums and an EP (all on Fort Worth’s @dreamyliferecords ) document the weird lo-fi vibe of the band, as well as the warped lyrical musings, literally “phoned-in” by The Professor. The trio is a family, related by marriage and birth, without the kitsch of the Osmonds or the psychedelic school bus of the Partridges. They play nice with just about everyone, and look forward to fuzzing up your hometown soon."

- Dreamy Life Records

For Fans of…
Velvet Underground. Tom Waits. The Cramps. The Fall. Flipper. Sparklehorse.

Band Members:
Professor Fuzz (guitar/vocals)
Sleepy Redhead (organ/vocals)
Mr. B (drums)

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