Thelonious Monk - Vol 1 Genius of Modern Music

Thelonious Monk - Vol 1 Genius of Modern Music

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Genius of Modern Music: Volume 1 is the name given to at least four different compilation albums by jazz pianist Thelonious Monk. Each version comprises some of Monk's first recordings as band leader for Blue Note, recorded in 1947 (and sometimes 1948). The original 10-inch LP with this title was compiled in 1951.

Two different CD compilations have been given this title. Both redistribute the material from the two volumes in a very different order. The individual volumes of both CD compilations omit a July 2, 1948 session featuring "Evidence", "Misterioso", "Epistrophy", "I Mean You", "All The Things You Are", and "I Should Care" which were released on a Milt Jackson compilation instead. A "monochrome cover" 2-CD set called "The Complete Genius" follows the track order of the original monochrome CDs but adds all 10 released Blue Note performances of these missing 6 titles between the contents of "Volume 1" and "Volume 2."

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